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I'm About to Expose How to Instantly Regain Your Man's Interest and Have Him Cherish & Romance You Like Never Before...
Does it feel like you and your man are more “roommates” than lovers ?

When every other evening ends up with you feeling frustrated and hurt that he’s not being the romantic, spontaneous guy you fell in love with ?

... all while he sits there on the couch, just watching TV, doing nothing?

Aren't you tired of him not REALLY listening?

Wouldn’t you want to bring back all the intense love, burning passion and unconditional romance back in your relationship or marriage and have your man bending over backwards to please you, cherish you and give you his undivided attention ?

Hey, my name is Chris Bates...
After working as an “underground” relationship counselor for over 20 years and helping thousands of couples around the world rekindle their lost love and enjoy healthy, exciting and romantic relationships…

...would you be curious to know what I’ve discovered about reawakening any cold & distant man’s inner “Prince Charming” even if he’s acting completely disinterested and so aloof that you think you might have lost his love forever ?

See this puppy here ?
His name is Milo...
Milo loves the couch. It’s comfortable. He can just lay there all day long with no stress whatsoever. It’s just part of his lifestyle.

Your man sees the couch kind of the same way.

So, how would you get Milo off the couch ?

Nothing worked with Milo until I applied one weird puppy training secret that I explain in the video.

I could see that something changed in him… Every time I came home he just rushed at my feet, with a ton of energy basically begging me to go out and play with him.
The couch is merely a symptom of your man's behavior.

I call this his...

“Habitual Relationship Comfort Zone”
It’s a dark, cold place where his daily habits reside. Things like washing up, eating, watching tv, have a casual conversation with you, maybe do some “relationship chores” but nothing proactive.

The problem becomes, thus, to get your man out of his habitual relationship comfort zone.

So how do you do this ?

FIRST you have to Shift His Mind
That is, you must mentally shift him out of his habitual relationship comfort zone and spark in him the idea that he wants a more exciting, intense and romantic relationship with you and only you.

SECONDLY, you have to Shift His Mood
You must “train” his emotional intelligence so he associates you once again with positive thoughts and feelings…

This makes his brain spark instant doses of dopamine, the pleasure & motivation hormone, every time he thinks of or sees you.

THIRDLY, your man needs you to Shift The Relationship
After you do the first two steps, you’ll have your man going out of his way to make sure you feel constantly loved and connected to him, no matter how far apart you are...

And you’ll have the flame of love between you two burning more powerfully than ever.

The hard part is, as you’ve already experienced, keeping it alive.

That’s why now you must shift your relationship from temporarily to PERMANENTLY romantic and exciting.

I took all my years of experience in counselling, the ins and outs of my many success stories, as well as tons of studies and psychological research… and laid them out in an easy to follow, powerful blueprint that I put together for you and I call it…

The RelatiohSHIFTER
“Relationshifter” is the only step-by-step relationship rekindling system of its kind that permanently shifts your man out of his habitual relationship comfort zone...

shifts your relationship or marriage from boring, unromantic and confusing... to a place of proactive romance, excitement and unconditional love...

turns on his “chase & cherish” switch in a way that he associates you once again with the deepest, happiest and most fulfilling emotions... and activates his “best, romantic self” whenever he’s around you…

Inside Look at the Relationshifter
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Bonus #1: The Ice-Breaker Letter

This simple, word-for-word, proven to work letter shifts his mind out of his habitual relationship comfort zone, removes any barriers of doubts, coldness or disinterest that block him from exposing his heart to you…

And sparks in him the idea that he genuinely wants an improved, exciting and more romantic relationship with you… even if he’s incredibly stubborn or you think you just can’t touch his heart.

Bonus #2: The RDA Health Kit

RDA stands for Relationship Disaster Avoidance - and this bonus is your very own love health kit to patch things up if you’re in a tough spot with your man.

It removes any thoughts of separation or even divorce that he might have...forever.

It’s like building a wall of happiness around yourselves - this special guide takes you through all the necessary steps to forge a strong bond with your man and Fight-Proof, Cheat-Proof, almost Anything-Proof your relationship…

Bonus #3: DIY Counselor in a Box

How about instead of spending thousands of dollars on couple’s counseling that you don’t even know if it will work…

You Do It Yourself at no cost, from the comfort of your home ?

I’ve gathered the most efficient exercises from my entire experience as a relationship counselor and laid them in a simple, easy to follow guide you can use with your man at any time you wish.

Bonus #4: 1 month FREE trial for the "6 Months Happily Ever After Challenge"

Each month you’ll get to add one new healthy habit to your relationship that will get you to experience the energy, love, and life-renewing connection the two of you deserve.

Do this and you’ll also be eliminating any toxic habit that may be surrounding your relationship as we speak.

Simple math, right ? Add a good habit, remove a bad one and you get TWO benefits with one shot.

And of course, you’re backed by my...
“60-Day Shift It or Leave It” 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Here’s how it works:

Order today. Use the material. If you aren't blown away by it (and if you don't get results) just email me within 60 days and I’ll gladly refund your every penny...

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The Complete “Relationshifter” System
The step-by-step blueprint for shifting your relationship + complementary Workbook
The “Ice-Breaker Letter”
“RDA Health Kit”
The “DIY Counselor in a Box”
(optional) 30-day FREE trial to the 6 Months “Happily Ever After” Challenge

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  Try the "Happily Ever After Challenge" for one month FREE!
You will be charged a one time fee of $47 for the entire package. There will be NO future payments.

You Have A Simple Choice To Make… And if you think about it, Only Three Options.

Option one: Let time fix it
Wait for him to come back to terms on his own, have a random “revelation” and be romantic all of a sudden...while you’re feeling frustrated that he doesn’t offer you the attention and love you deserve.

Option two: Try to make it on your own
You can do this... But I can tell you from my experience (and the terrible stories I hear every day) that the odds of you pushing his WRONG emotional hot buttons and causing him to blow up at you, ignore you or pull farther away from you – are very high.

Option three: Risk NOTHING
Get the “Relationshifter” today, go through it, use the material, apply the techniques and don’t let another day pass without proper guidance.

No guesswork, no grasping at straws - if you act now, you get quick,easy and instant access to a step-by-step system that you simply follow to success.

So click the big button below and start fighting for his love right now!

  Try the "Happily Ever After Challenge" for one month FREE!
You will be charged a one time fee of $47 for the entire package. There will be NO future payments.

Here's to your relationship,
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